Meet the Editor

Hi, I’m Julia. I am a freelance editor based in Ontario, Canada. I got my start in professional editing when I founded a literary magazine at my university, but I have always been weirdly enthusiastic about words, spelling, grammar, and marking up a paper with red pen. 

I specialize in academic editing, and I have over five years of experience working in a university writing centre, as a tutor, and as a freelancer. ​I have also done some editing for short stories, essays, and opinion pieces.

I studied English Literature at university, where I discovered my love of modernist poetry and literature. As an English major, I developed critical thinking skills that built on my foundational love for words.

I am a member of the Toronto branch of Editors Canada, where I volunteer as an editor for the Editors Toronto blog, BoldFace

I currently work for an online news source as a reporter and writer.